Cross-domain Arbitrage

The current crypto world is still fragmented. The abundance of platforms and liquidity pools and a lack of seamless […]

Liquidity Rebalancing

Dubai, UAE, 9th December 2023, Liquidity rebalancing in crypto refers to changing the ratio of crypto assets. Such changes […]

Arbitrage Trading in DeFi

Dubai, UAE, 30th November 2023, DeFi traders have many arbitrage opportunities thanks to the rising popularity of the industry. […]

Zk and Future Technologies

Dubai, UAE, 28th November 2023, Zero-knowledge technology (Zk) has the potential to revolutionize many areas where privacy and security are […]

Flash Trade and Resolvers

Dubai, UAE, 27th November 2023, Kinetex’s latest innovation, Flash Trade, will provide a highly efficient and secure environment for […]

Voting for Kinetex DAO

Greetings from the Kinetex team! Dubai, UAE, 23rd November 2023, Dear members of the Kinetex community, we have received […]

Flash Trade and Liquidators

Dubai, UAE, 22nd November 2023, The Flash Trade protocol is a decentralized trading protocol involving four essential participants, each with […]

Kinetex Advanced Router

The Kinetex development team is proud to present the Kinetex Advanced Router! Dubai, UAE, 13th November 2023, Calling smart contracts […]

Networks and Bridges

Dubai, UAE, 10th November 2023, Cross-chain technology is used to connect two blockchains, achieving interoperability between them. It compensates […]

Welcome to Kinetex

Welcome to Kinetex! Dubai, UAE, 6th November 2023, Kinetex is more than a DeFi project; it is a community of […]

What is SMP?

Humanity has experienced three industrial revolutions in history. In the first industrial revolution, mankind entered the age of steam, […]